Content writer

Content is an integral part of DigitalCube marketing strategy.

As a content marketer, you’ll be working with teams across the company (and sometimes across countries) to make sure that anything we tell our customers is framed in the most simple and effective language possible.

Your work will have you fiddling with taglines on website pages, writing blog posts for feature announcements, putting together thought leadership posts for guest publications, sketching sales collateral for the sales team, framing scripts for feature videos, building presentations to better explain features, birthday cards and so on.

Your work involves a fair amount of tech immersion so if you’re not interested in tech, we’d recommend you think twice about applying.

The ideal candidate

– has a history of published content (preferably on the Internet so we can comb through it, prior to the interview)
– enjoys breaking down concepts and explaining problems to people.
– has excellent communication skills and delights in their ability to put words together in an attempt to form meaningful, catchy sentences.
– can put together a content strategy from scratch.
– would have felt the itch to rework some sentences and smooth some paragraphs as they read through the website to figure out what DigitalCube Tech does.
– not only has great ideas for writing content but also for distribution and measurement.
– is a grammar pedant.